About US


Karl Cousins is a unique multi-disciplined physiotherapist who provides a systematic, detailed approach to the treatment of each and every individual making KC Physio significantly different from the rest.

Having qualified in 1998 as a chartered physiotherapist I have accrued a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience in a multitude of specialisms whilst working within the NHS including musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, medical and neurological. This sound basis of clinical knowledge and evidence-based practice provides a broader holistic approach to the application of treatment skills within both the public and private sectors.

I am a unique multi-disciplined physiotherapist with more than 23 years hands on experience across the NHS & private sectors.

This invaluable experience has permitted me to  formulate a unique systematic approach to successfully treat a multitude of people in both age & agility from the older individual to the elite level athlete. This holistic approach is supported by  the use of ultrasound, acupuncture, electrotherapy & manual techniques to reduce pain, inflammation & muscle spasm. I also use a interactive functional exercise program to ensure continued support of the injured body part whilst recovery is taking place. This results in a dramatic reduction in set backs, lost activity & pain whilst simultaneously enhancing strength, balance & increasing range of motion of the impaired body part.

This evidence based clinical practice provides a broader holistic approach to the application of treatment skills combined with a selection of “hands on’ techniques I have found it is more than possible to achieve positive long term results.

On a personal level I have been a dedicated strength & fitness athlete since 2004.  This enables me to understand the need to push the boundaries, whilst being acutely aware of the complexity of the injuries that can occur.

We are all unique individuals & deserve to be treated as such which is why treatment provided by KCPhysio is personalised to the individual. Results are achieved by treating every symptom or injury with acute attention to detail.

KCPhysio provides unparalleled treatment, ultimate understanding & the best achievable outcome for you as the individual. Treatments are by design, there are no “one size fits all” at KCPhysio.

If you are ready to achieve a greater harmony with your body & wish to overcome your physical pains & restrictions then I strongly urge you to seek the services of KCPhysio.

‘Carpe Diem’ today is that day!!