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Why Does KC Physio Work?

Many specialist practitioners claim that the application of their chosen discipline is all that is needed to restore pain-free functional movement. For example, acupuncture treatment alone, or a spinal adjustment will do the job. Contrary to this understanding, while there is immense value in their efficacy, I feel that each approach has its limitations when performed in isolation.

KCPhysio achieves great success because I pay close attention to detail on what structures are affected, then provide a combination of deep tissue frictions, spinal manipulation, stretch therapy & acupuncture to obtain normal range and tone to the muscles. It is essential to draw upon all of these techniques, as all the body structures are interconnected and need different levels of stimulation to reach the superficial as well as the deep tissues of the body.

As a primary modality, I utilise my fingers, thumbs knuckles and elbows with a consistent pressure precisely applied to at specific points in specific directions to the fascia and muscles to help physically separate unwanted cross fibre linkages and adhesions. This approach helps to rearrange, sculpt, and more effectively organise the lines of stress throughout the body. As this occurs, new collagen deposits are placed down in its correct architectural line up thus allowing the muscles that support the joints to move more freely and efficiently.

The effect of this squeezing, stretching, and contorting of the tissues creates a cleansing and a flushing effect, similar to that of rinsing out a sponge, or stirring water in a ditch that is clogged with dirt and algae. As a result toxins, & waste products are shifted from the muscles and fresh blood, oxygen & nutrients are shuttled into the fibres to help promote healing.

The application of this skill evokes a dramatic change in the body where patients are left with a more updated version of themselves moving with greater efficiency and vitality. The overall benefit is not only the restoration of body structure but an awareness of the way you move and what postures adversely affect your patterns of movement. With KCPhysio you are re-educated on ways to manage your body thus, to help reduce the possibility of injury. Ultimately our goal is to restore, rebalance and align the entire body.

Please refer to the treatment section to view my full range of techniques.

Why Are We Injured Or In Pain?

Healthy muscles make up an essential part of the body structure, yet most of us tend to neglect them allowing them to fall into disrepair and abuse either by inappropriate exercise, over exertion, poor posture & trauma.

Faulty body mechanics are manifested through the way we walk, stand, sit, talk on the phone work on the computer, to laying in bed.

Over time we develop a culmination of tensions in our muscles. Through poor repetitive movements and positions the body allows sheets of fascial tissue to bunch up & become glued to themselves and to its neighbouring structures. Eventually, connective tissue thickens and shortens ligaments & tendons. Nerves become entrapped, losing its dynamic movement along with a reduction of adequate signals to the muscles, joints become compressed & cause sheer stress, which in turn inflames the joints and wears them down. Eventually, these conditions become extremely difficult for the individual to overcome the pain and movement limitations on his/her own. Due to this loss of body integration, we leave ourselves vulnerable to acquiring acute as well as long standing chronic injuries.