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I have been working with Karl for a year now , and the results I have seen in that space of time have been phenomenal.

I am an elite level golfer, so keeping my body in good shape is crucial, not only for my health but for my performance.

I first approached Karl with the view to improving my flexibility. Sceptical that this kind of treatment could help me improve in this I just treated the first session as a trial. After one hour with Karl I was able to get into positions that I could only of dreamed of before hand.

I now see my treatment with Karl as a crucial part of my career. Not only improving my flexibility to increase my performance on course , but also to prevent any injuries that I could obtain through practice or just stress on the body from training in the gym daily.

I have since referred friends and colleagues to see Karl , and they have had the same results as I have.

Through being at the top of my sport I have had access to some of the best physiotherapists in the country, and I will always continue to see Karl for the best results.

I would strongly recommend any sportspeople, athlete , gym enthusiast or just someone who wants to keep their body in good condition, to see Karl.

Try it for yourself and see the results !

Jerome Titlow England International Golfer Jerome_titlow (t)