Tension Headaches & Neck Pain

This is caused by abnormalities of the joints, muscles fascia and neuromengial structures. Neck pain develops through poor postural head position, whiplash, ligament and muscular sprain, and when left unchecked can lead to spondylosis (wear and tear of the joint structures). It is also not uncommon for the client to report headaches due to mechanical overload of the posterior neck muscles where they tighten where they attach to the base of the skull.



Treatment and management of the neck requires an assessment of any abnormalities present in the muscles joints and fascial tissue. These structures are then treated using the techniques of joint mobilisation, trigger point, acupressure, deep tissue frictions, dry needling (IMS) joint manipulation, stretch, exercise therapy and postural retraining.

The general principles of treatment are performed which include treating one abnormality at a time and assessing the affect of different treatment techniques and comparing to pre and post treatment cervical findings.

At KCphysio in most cases the client will find that even after the first session there will be significant improvement and a reduction in their pain symptoms. This is then followed up with only a few more sessions where the client will notice astounding results with the ability to maintain better head on neck posture.

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