Why Are We Injured Or In Pain?

Healthy muscles make up an essential part of the body structure, yet most of us tend to neglect them allowing them to fall into disrepair and abuse either by inappropriate exercise, over exertion, poor posture & trauma.

Faulty body mechanics are manifested through the way we walk, stand, sit, talk on the phone work on the computer, to laying in bed.

Over time we develop a culmination of tensions in our muscles. Through poor repetitive movements and positions the body allows sheets of fascial tissue to bunch up & become glued to themselves and to its neighbouring structures. Eventually, connective tissue thickens and shortens ligaments & tendons. Nerves become entrapped, losing its dynamic movement along with a reduction of adequate signals to the muscles, joints become compressed & cause sheer stress, which in turn inflames the joints and wears them down. Eventually, these conditions become extremely difficult for the individual to overcome the pain and movement limitations on his/her own. Due to this loss of body integration, we leave ourselves vulnerable to acquiring acute as well as long standing chronic injuries.